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Our Work

There are a variety of projects happening in the Santa Clara River Watershed, in conjunction with the work that we do, as well as that of our partners!

Invasive Species Management

For the various invasive species found in the Santa Clara River Watershed, we target the most proliferate and accessible species for management.  Some techniques may require full removal using mechanical and chemical application or biocontrol agents, other techniques may include boosting native species establishment using restoration and re-vegetation in some areas.  Below is a list of some specific invasive species found in the Santa Clara River Watershed today:

  • Arundo donax – Giant Reed
  • Tamarisk sp. – Saltcedar
  • Delairea odorata – Cape Ivy
  • Salsola tragus – Russian Thistle
  • Ricinus communis – Castor Bean
  • Lepidium latifolium – Perennial Pepperweed
  • Potamopyrgus antipodarum – New Zealand Mud Snail
  • Dreissena rostriformis bugensis – Quagga Mussel
  • Xenopus laevis – African Clawed Frog


Habitat Restoration

Restoration and re-vegetation in conservation work can look very different from place to place, during certain seasons of the year, and between the types of techniques used.  Organizations working to restore the Watershed use methods such as seed collection, seeding, planting, “pole cutting”, and irrigation.  Monitoring is always coupled with restoration, to ensure that the methods used are the most effective for the area and resource requirements.

Conservation Education and Outreach

Part of our mission is to engage the public to be supportive of conservation of the watershed and to engender an appreciation for the resources and a conservation ethic in our youth.

We work with partners to reach out to schools and communities. We are always looking for grants that support environmental education and getting students out of the classroom to explore their river! Here is what we are up to:

  • We help organize volunteer events at a variety of sites along the river
  • Presentations and lectures for classrooms
  • Lead outdoor field trips

If you are a teacher, community organizer or an individual looking to get involved, email us at contact@santaclarariver.org


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