P.O. Box 789, Santa Paula, CA 93061 contact@santaclarariver.org

About Us

The Santa Clara River Conservancy (SCRC) is a conservation organization formed in 2009 to maintain connectivity of natural resources throughout the Santa Clara River Watershed. Based in the Santa Clara River valley, our primary goal is to protect native riparian habitat through restoration, conservation, education, and collaboration.

Mission Statement

The Santa Clara River Conservancy, representing the diverse interests of the Santa Clara River Watershed, from the flood plain to the highest tributaries seeks to:

  • Secure, hold and manage significant lands and waters that provide habitat for native biodiversity;
  • Sustain and restore natural ecosystem function;
  • Promote sustainable access to natural resources for people; including farming and recreation; and
  • Advance cooperation between the agricultural community and conservation to further common goals and create an integrated working landscape that stems the tide of urban encroachment.
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