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 The Santa Clara River Conservancy (SCRC) is a non-profit, collaborative land trust focusing on restoring native habitat to one of California’s most dynamic watersheds.  We achieve this through education and outreach, land acquisition, restoration, research, and volunteer efforts.

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The Wildlife Conservation Board has awarded $6,476,450 to the University of California, Santa Barbara, in partnership with the Santa Clara River Conservancy, for a significant first phase of habitat restoration and creation of public access amenities, to begin this Spring on the 283-acre Cienega Springs Ecological Reserve just east of Fillmore in the vicinity of the Fillmore Fish Hatchery. Active restoration methods will reestablish and enhance riparian forest, scrub, and wetland habitats by means of collecting, growing, and installing a diversity of native riparian species and tree genotypes to promote climate resilience and drought tolerance; improving site surface-water retention; reducing the abundance of competitive weeds; and maintaining vegetation according to a restoration plan.


cover photo taken by Sergio Flores