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Prop 1 TNC at Santa Paula

The Nature Conservancy has teamed with the Santa Clara River Conservancy to implement 250 acres of habitat restoration and enhancement on the Santa Clara River floodplain near the city of Santa Paula in

Ventura County. The focus of the restoration will be the removal of giant reed Arundo donax; within the project area.  The project site is located on the real property of The Nature Conservancy and the Friends of the Santa Clara River, described as the Hedrick Ranch Natural Area, Taylor, Best and USC properties. The Project will consist of developing a restoration plan for, and the subsequent implementation of, restoration on 250 acres of riparian habitat, including the removal and retreatment of invasive vegetation, site maintenance and biological monitoring of vegetation and wildlife.

SCRC will contribute to the development of a Restoration Plan by supporting data collection including the documentation of relative cover of native and invasive plant species prior to construction. SCRC will coordinate with the Research Biologist for the

Project to fulfill additional needs including, but not limited to, mapping access scenarios for the site, preparation of technical reports, listed species monitoring, submission of data to cooperating agencies or other data collection. Additionally, SCRC will perform project planning duties contributing to the development of a Restoration Plan including developing access scenarios, interfacing with contractors, sub-contractors, adjacent landowners, and developing required signage for the site.

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