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The Santa Clara River Conservancy collaborates with many agencies in a variety of capacities to ensure a comprehensive management plan for the Watershed.  We are proud to work on projects with the following organizations:

California Trout 
logoMission – Solving complex resource issues while balancing the needs of wild fish and people. 

The SCRC is working closely with California Trout to remove 30 – 50 acres of invasive Arundo donax from the watershed. Removal of this species ensures a healthier watershed for all wildlife, but especially for the Southern California Steelhead.

California State Coastal Conservancy
CSCCMissionThe Coastal Conservancy acts with others to preserve, protect and restore the resources of the California Coast. Our vision is of a beautiful, restored and accessible coastline.


California Department of Fish and Wildlife

MissionConserving California’s Wildlife.

CDFW is a partner for our Wetlands Restoration Project to restore the Sespe Cienega by creating a community garden. They have provided space and materials for the garden.

Additionally, CDFW owns parcels of land within the watershed and is a partner in implementing a large-scale arundo removal project on their property. SCRC and  UCSB will remove over 170 acres of arundo from the watershed

US Fish and Wildlife Service

US Fish And Wildlife ServiceMissionTo efficiently achieve voluntary habitat restoration on private lands, through financial and technical assistance, for the benefit of Federal Trust Species.

USFWS is a partner of SCRC providing education programs and field trips to third grade students in Ventura County.

The Nature Conservancy


Mission – The mission of The Nature Conservancy is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends.

The Nature Conservancy are working together, along with UC Santa Barbara, on a major Arundo removal restoration project near Santa Paula funded under California Proposition 1. SCRC also anticipates continuing to work with TNC to help implement the restoration and public access objectives on the more than 3500 acres of lands in the watershed now owned by TNC. Among the many benefits of this partnership are: greater local involvement in conservation of the river, increased resources dedicated to its conservation, and allowing TNC to expand its policy, science and acquisition work in the area.

Friends of the Santa Clara River

Friends of the Santa Clara River

MissionFriends of the Santa Clara River is a non-profit, public-interest organization dedicated to the protection, enhancement, and management of the resources of the Santa Clara River, which flows approximately 100 miles from Acton, California to the Pacific Ocean.

The Santa Clara River Conservancy partners with Friends of the Santa Clara River to outsource local community members to be more involved with restoration projects happening in their backyard.

Riparian Invasion Research Laboratory – Marine Science Institute

Image result for marine science institute ucsbMission –  Seek to understand the process of species invasions and how they alter biodiversity and ecosystem functions and to develop methods to better manage pest species and to restore native communities.

The RIVRLab (Riparian InVasion Research Laboratory) is dedicated to understanding the impacts of non-native species in riparian and aquatic ecosystems, developing methods for their management, and restoring native biodiversity and ecosystem function in western riparian habitats.

SCRC and the RIVR Lab are working together to implement over 300 acres of Arundo removal in the Santa Clara River floodplain. They are partners on two Proposition 1 funded projects: 175 acres of Arundo removal at Fillmore’s Sespe Cienega and 250 acres of Arundo removal on TNC properties in Santa Paula.

Ventura Audubon Society

Image result for audubon logo Mission – The mission of the Ventura Audubon Society is to promote at the local level, by education and action, the protection and restoration of bird populations and wildlife habitat for the benefit of humanity and the earth’s biodiversity.

Ventura Audubon conducts volunteer research on bird distribution and populations along the Santa Clara River, works to restore natural areas through removal of non-native plants and re-vegetation with native plants, and educates about natural habitats and the species that use them.

Ventura Sierra Club

Sierra_Club_logo MissionTo explore, enjoy and protect the planet. To practice and promote the responsible use of the earth’s ecosystems and resources; to educate and enlist humanity to protect and restore the quality of the natural and human environment; and to use all lawful means to carry out those objectives.

The Sierra Club is an advocate for non-structural flood protection in the immediate and surrounding watershed areas due to their impact on the Santa Clara River water quality and ecology. Both the Angeles and Los Padres chapter are involved in preventing development within the floodplain. hosts volunteer trash cleanups, native plantings, and invasive plant removal events on properties along the river.

Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology


Mission – To contribute to the conservation of the world’s wild bird species through the accessibility of the collections and their data to researchers, educators, students, and the public.  

The Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology is both a natural history collection specializing in eggs and nests of birds from around the world, and a research and education institution dedicated to bird conservation.  The Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology monitors and surveys for bird species on restoration sites. Endangered species like the Least Bell’s vireo and Southwestern willow flycatcher are two species that the WFVZ works hard to protect from ongoing projects along the river.

Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project

scrwpMission – The Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project is dedicated to acquiring, restoring, and expanding coastal wetlands and watersheds throughout Southern California.

The Wetlands Recovery Project—an alliance of federal, state and local officials working in concert with business and nonprofit organizations—is coordinating activities and targeting resources, turning piecemeal efforts into a visionary   and long-term regional approach.

The Wildlife Conservation Board

MissionThe Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) is to protect, restore and enhance California’s spectacular natural resources for wildlife and for the public’s use and enjoyment in partnership with conservation groups, government agencies and the people of California.

SCRC works closely with WCB and is currently working on two major Arundo removal and restoration projects along the river that are funded by the WCB.

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