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Flora and Fauna

The Santa Clara River Watershed spans 5 of California’s 10 ecoregions, and is home to a vast array of plant and animal species, several of which are federally listed as endangered or of concern!  Explore the resources below to discover who calls the Santa Clara River Watershed home, from beautiful wildflowers and busy pollinators, to native mammals and iridescent insects!

  • Check out our inaturalist page by clicking on the link below to see what flora an fauna are on the river.

Santa Clara River Natural History – Includes pictures, descriptions, and resources for animals, fungi/lichens, plants, and protozoans found in the Santa Clara River Watershed.

Calflora –  information on wild California plants for conservation, education, and appreciation.  You can use Calflora’s “What Grows Here” feature to take a close look at what grows in the vicinity of the Santa Clara River.

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