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Education and Outreach

Current Projects:

Santa Clara River Trustees Council – River Education for Elementary School Children (2018 – ongoing)

In August 2019, SCRC was awarded a second round of funding from the Trustees Council to provide education programs and field trips to third and fourth grade students in Ventura County. SCRC has partnered with US Fish and Wildlife Service to deliver these programs. Currently, SCRC has been working with students from Mountain Vista Elementary, Rio Real Elementary, Isbell Middle School, Rio Vista Elementary, the Earth Keepers group, and Big Brothers Big Sisters of Santa Paula. Students receive an in-class presentation to provide an introduction to the Santa Clara River. Later, students visit a major tributary of the Santa Clara River to participate in hands-on activities led by biologists who study subjects in the river.

SCRC staff member speaking to middle school classroom.

SCRC staff member explaining the biology of a Arundo donax rhizome.

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